Bonpoint, a new perfume for children

The house of couture Bonpoint, rich in its know-how and craftsmanship in Paris, has always delighted young and old alike. Favoring the quality, the beauty of the creations and the attention to detail, the brand has gained a place of choice in fashion and luxury for children. With more than 100 addresses in 27 countries (Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Dubai …) Bonpoint is the French children’s house, unique in its wise and authentic style, Romantic trends, its finesse and the warm atmosphere of its shops.



We already knew the emblematic fragrance of the house, Bonpoint eau de toilette is a unique perfume.

This water of Bonpoint is composed of the noblest essences and the quintessence of the bitter orange: the Orange flower water, the essence of Neroli.





In 2017, Bonpoint presents to us a new creation in perfumery, fresh water.

This new variation, greener, cooler and spring will make emulates among our pretty blond heads and their mom. The smells of tangerine, grapefruit, basil and mint will make you appreciate every use.

An intoxicating woody scent to consume without moderation since its pure formula is free from paraben, phenoxyethanol and diethyl phthalate.

We loved the Bonpoint water, but this new fresh water promises to become the new favorite fragrance for young and old alike.

Bonpoint, Fresh Water (eau fraîche), 50ml, 45 euros.

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