Avenue Montaigne’s vendanges, a memorable vintage

Already 20 years!

The Avenue Montaigne’s biennial Vendanges event took on a certain solemnity in the Fall of 2010. This traditional harvest festival launched in 1990 celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Originally conceived as a convivial exchange around luxury goods and fine French wines (including Champagne), discount cialis an exchange between fine trademarks and their clients, this harvest festival quickly assumed an important place in the Parisian Fall calendar. Based on partnerships between prestigious marks of the Avenue Montaigne and producers of France’s finest wines, this celebration marks the opening of a festive, crisp season, and is often memorable for its spectacular settings. Elegant tents take their place on the avenue and refined buffets draw numerous and elegant crowds. The Vendanges concept initiated by the Avenue Montaigne has, in fact, inspired other spin-off events, including a successful adaptation in September 2009 on Avenue Louise in Brussels. Milan’s Via Montenapoleone is currently planning a similar project.


Copper coins forever

Every year, the Vendanges continues the philanthropic commitment that it has maintained for many years. And this year, the Comité Montaigne presented a check to Madame Bernadette Chirac in support of this former First Lady’s “Pièces Jaunes” (copper coin) campaign, benefiting a foundation for the public hospitals of Paris and France. Since 1990 this “Pièces Jaunes” initiative has called upon the public to contribute the loose change that often clutters their coin purses and pockets to this cause that finances nearly 7000 projects for improving the lives of hospitalized children and adolescents. This moving moment on November 23rd 2010 was the send-off of an evening that continued until 11 PM in the most favorable climate. The weather was particularly supportive for this Vendanges… The more than 37 tents and awnings set up for the occasion would continue to welcome guests well into the night, with a very pleasant mix of precious nectars, delicate dishes and shopping.


Let there be light!

This evening was also the occasion for turning on the lights of the Avenue Montaigne, which are among the most sophisticated of the City of Light and which would continue to twinkle until the New Year. Large globes of white light and trees dressed in red garlands provided the perfect setting for men in tuxedos and ladies with hats, as beautifully coiffed as the famous “Catherinettes”. After September’s Fashion Night (another event that has assumed an important place in a very short time), the Vendanges offered a relaxing moment before the rush of the first trimester of 2011 with its numerous fashion shows, scheduled for presenting the new collections. From A to Z, from Apostrophe to Zadig & Voltaire, and from Antinori (Tuscan wines) to Vranken, all of the participants were, once again, very satisfied by the outcome of this event which ended with a simple invitation: Rendez-vous in 2012!


Commentez le premier !