Armani sounds Osaka

Music and fashion have long enjoyed a harmonious relationship. Runways shows almost always have a soundtrack, musicians almost always perform in clothes—the two art forms just mesh.

And Emporio Armani is the latest brand proving the hybrid potential within the music, fashion and tech industries. The biggest and most successful brand under the Armani umbrella is launching a new app, Emporio Armani Sounds, which “combines for the first time,” according to a press release, “the fashion world with music on Spotify.”

The app will be updated weekly and will stream exclusive playlists featuring artists such as Calvin Harris and La Roux, interviews and performances from the Klaxons and others.

Available as of today, the app will also allow users to hear the music playing at their local Emporio Armani stores and stay connected to the latest musical and fashion trends on catwalks across the globe.




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