Armani Prive’s Haute Couture show

Tuesday, at Armani’s Prive Haute Couture show, applause was heard even before the start of the collection.  The actress Jessica Chastain seated in the front row, had just heard on the phone that she had been nominated to the Oscars for her supporting role in « The Help ». Laugh attack with her friend Cameron Diaz (in an Armani suit) and effervescence in the audience.  This started the show on a hopeful note and dresses as green as Granny Smiths’opened the ball.  A universe of reptiles, crocodiles, scales; Giorgio seemed to have been influenced by an aquatic theme.  Some of the outfits with embroidered layers were quite reminiscent of mermaid dresses.

Perhaps the actress spotted the dress that will lead her straight to the Oscar. It’s all we wish for her.






Jessica Chastain and cameron Diaz

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