« Anatomy of a collection » exhibition in Palais Galleira


From 3 November 2016 to 12 February 2017, the « Anatomy of a collection » exhibition will be extended and will become « Anatomy of a collection – Part II » with a new display.

Who wears what? This is the question put by the Palais Galliera’s Anatomy of a Collection exhibition. Ranging from court wear to work overalls and from celebrities to unknowns, the exhibition draws on the Galliera collection for garments and accessories illustrating fashion from the 18th century to the present day.

From among all the corsets in the Museum’s storerooms, Anatomy of a Collection is presenting Marie-Antoinette’s; and from among all the blouses, one that belonged to a First World War nurse whose name has not come down to us. The Dauphin’s suit, Napoleon’s waistcoat, Empress Josephine’s dress, Castiglione’s blouse, Cléo de Mérode’s riding jacket, a worker’s trousers, George Sand’s dress, Sarah Bernhardt’s cape, a Zouave’s uniform, Mistinguett’s T-bar shoes, Gala Dali’s shoe-hat, a workman’s apron, Audrey Hepburn’s outfit, Elsa Schiaparelli’s overcoat, the Duchess of Windsor’s dress, a dress worn by Jackie Kennedy, and more. Two hundred items with or without pedigree, but identified with the people who wore them.

Anatomy of a Collection is a selection of garments with historical associations that reflects the essence of the collection and the complex task of attribution demanded by each of these heritage pieces. Don’t hesitste to visit on of the most beautiful exhibitions of the year.

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