Alain Ducasse, chef

Alain Ducasse

Born in 1956, help Alain Ducasse is one of the world’s most well-known chefs. Accustomed to three stars, he has been, since 2000, at the helm of the gastronomic restaurant of the Plaza Athénée, which has just reopened following an ambitious renovation.

When did you first discover the Avenue Montaigne?

The reputation of the Avenue Montaigne is so brilliant that, oddly enough, I feel as if I have always known it. In fact, of course, I only became a regular of the Avenue when I brought my restaurant to the Plaza Athénée in 2000.

What do you like about its atmosphere and its architecture?

For me, Avenue Montaigne combines two aspects that are rarely found hand in hand in a Parisian neighborhood: elegance and intimacy. The aspect of the buildings is particularly harmonious, their facades are all very sophisticated. And more, at the same time, the neighborhood has an atmosphere that I would describe as almost cozy. There’s a good feeling here, a little removed from the agitation of the city. The sum of these two impressions is, to me, very characteristic of the street.

Among the numerous memories, anecdotes and encounters related to the Avenue Montaigne, is there one that is particularly dear to you?

Yes. The first delivery of vegetables from the Queen’s Garden of the Chateau de Versailles to the Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Plaza Athénée. I must admit that when I saw these magnificent vegetables, cultivated exclusively for us, arrive in our kitchens, I felt a very strong emotion. It was a little as if the Chateau de Versailles had come to the Avenue Montaigne.

In your career, how would you define the place that the Plaza Athénée occupies?

At the Plaza Athénée, I have found a totally unique and privileged setting. We are here in the heart of French excellence on one of the most beautiful avenues of Paris, the capital of elegance. I am very much aware of the opportunity that being at the Plaza Athénée represents for me. And thisis a true source of inspiration.

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