A very unusual kind of harvest…

Autumn on the Avenue

Every two years, tadalafil during the month of September when winemakers in Burgundy and Bordeaux are picking their grapes, the Avenue Montaigne has its own harvest. The event has taken its place on the Parisian social calendar as the first great soirée of the Fall season. It is, needless to say, a virtual harvest, since there are no vines on the local landscape! For the founders of this event, the basic concept was quite simple. What has constituted the glory of France throughout the world? Its fashion and its wines. So, why not unit these two expressions of luxury on one of the world’s most beautiful avenues. The marriage was consecrated in 1990, and since then it has not ceased to evolve.


Vive le champagne !

The principle is simple. For each edition of the Vendanges, more than 30 firms of the Avenue Montaigne invite top quality wine producers. These winemakers bring in their most delicious bottles – Champagne, Sauternes, great Bordeaux and Burgundy wines –

for the most memorable and glittering receptions. These take place in the showrooms or, occasionally, in ephemeral tents set up outside for the occasion. The decoration of Avenue Montaigne and Rue Francois 1er is conceived by the Comité Montaigne and is renewed for each harvest with original lighting and themes, such as, a few years ago, a décor of obelisks.



Society and generosity…

From the culture of wine, to culture with a capital C, it’s just a step. And so, on the 7th of September, before tasting great wines while admiring fashion collections, participants could begin by viewing an exhibition of Marie-Paul Nègre’s photos of the studios of contemporary artists, inaugurated on this date at the Drouot-Montaigne auction house. Next, from Apostrophe to Zilli, recently opened on Rue Francois 1er, the celebration continued in full swing for several hours. But the motivation of the participants was not merely pleasure: the evening provided the occasion to collect funds for the Foundation des Hopitaux de Paris – Hopitaux de France (the Foundation of Hospitals of Paris and



France) presided over by Madame Bernadette Chirac, the first lady of France. Numerous celebrities, including singer Marianne Faithful and actress Anna Mouglalis, lent their support to the cause.

Once upon a 7th of September

The fête took place on a Thursday, but preparations began the preceding Sunday, creating a flurry of activity in the neighborhood. A red carpet, rolled out on Avenue Montaigne and Rue Francois 1er, served as the guiding star. A very practical guide, considering that the event attracts more than 20,000 visitors. Certain firms are loyal to this celebration and participate annually. Others join in on certain occasions. In 2006, we were pleased to welcome new participants such as Chloé. We also revived a tradition under which the Vendanges coincided with the inauguration of the prestigious Biennale des Antiquaires. This important antique show has finally returned to the newly restored Grand Palais, very near the Avenue Montaigne, and was, needless to say, an event not to be missed. The 7th of September, 2006 will certainly be recorded as a highlight in the annals of the Avenue.




Commentez le premier !