A story of shoes and ready-to-wear for Paul Andrew

Salvatore Ferragamo announced the appointment of Paul Andrew as artistic director for its women’s collections.

Just a year after being appointed to this brand new position as artistic director for women’s shoes, which marked a first for the Florentine label since the time of its eponymous founder, the young British creator is now artistic director for all women’s collections of the brand.



Considered one of the best talents in the industry, Paul Andrew, who has already made a name for himself through his own shoe label with his hyper-comfortable stilettos with dizzying heels, was more than convincing in his first year at the helm of Salvatore Ferragamo.

Today, as artistic director, he will oversee the development of all the women’s products as well as all the creative content of the brand’s marketing, communication and image activities. He will be the first artistic director of the shoe collections for women since the disappearance of Salvatore Ferragamo in 1960.

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