GUCCI spring/summer 2016

Back to the 70s!  Alessandro Michele has literally catapulted us into the 70’s with his collection Spring / Summer 2016!
A retro style, pure 70s. Optical-look prints, floral patterns, grit expressed by the colors … All this, embellished by the accessories: from the work-case to the sunglasses oversizes.
A Collection that enchants us with his grit and his hidden simplicity.
This is the new spirit of Gucci !

01-viola-half 02-anka-half 03-irina-half 04-vera-half 05-mia-half 06-jing-wen-half 07-peyton-half 08-nicole-half 09-barbara-half 10-tessa-half 11-natalie-half 12-stellalucia-half 13-willow-half 14-ruth-half 15-allyson-half 16-avery-half 17-grace-s-half 18-martina-half 19-arnis-half 20-emmy-half 21-tim-half 22-allie-half 23-kadri-half 24-piene-half 25-eline-half 26-rhiannon-half 27-madison-s-half 28-sophie-l-half 29-klementina-half 30-lia-half 31-julia-h-half 32-tami-half 33-gerda-half 34-margaux-half 35-yumi-half 36-julita-half 37-eva-half 38-nastya-a-half (1) 38-nastya-a-half 39-paula-g-half 40-charlotte-half 41-elizabeth-m-half 42-varya-half 43-eric-half 44-luleika-half 45-maja-half 46-harleth-half 47-carly-half 48-jack-half 49-wangy-half 50-marjan-half 51-nastya-half 52-emily-half 53-marland-half 54-taavi-half 55-kiki-half 56-martin-half 57-mae-half 58-laura-half 59-marga-half 60-madison-w-half 61-rianne-half 62-julie-half 63-aamito-half 64-unia-half 65-polina-half